Vanproz Super Potassium Humate (98%) 15 Kg

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Vanproz Super Potassium Humate (98%) 15 Kg

Potassium humate is the potassium salt of humic acid. It is manufactured commercially by alkaline extraction of brown coal (lignite) leonardite and is used mainly as a soil conditioner. The extraction is performed in water with the addition of potassium hydroxide (KOH), sequestering agents, and hydrotropic surfactants. Heat is used to increase the solubility of humic acids and hence more potassium humate can be extracted. The resulting liquid is dried to produce the amorphous crystalline-like product which can then be added as a granule to fertilizer.
The total carbon content in potassium humate is 49.5 %. Potassium Humate plays a vital role in agriculture by improving the soil at physical, chemical, and biological levels, so the structure is improved, as well as the cation exchange capacity and the soil microorganisms. As a consequence, the nutrient assimilation is better, and not only the growth and development of the crop is favored, but also the quality of crops is improved.
Plant growth is also favored, due to the improvement of the plant's ability for absorbing nutrients. It is especially beneficial for the liberation of the nutrients that are retained in the soil, so it makes them available for the plant when it needs them.  
The activity of the beneficial soil microorganisms is crucial for soil sustainability and for plant growth. Humic acids stimulate microbial activity, soil microorganisms are responsible for nutrient solubilization making them available for the plant. Besides, microorganisms are responsible too for the continuous formation of humous in the soil, because they break organic matter that is not completely decomposed.
The use of the product on a regular basis reduces the fertilization needs, because both, soil and plant, are going to make better use of nutrients. In some cases, fertilization can be completely eliminated if there is enough organic matter, so the soils can be self-sufficient through microbial processes and humus production.
Finally, what is more, interesting for farmers is that plants are healthier, with stimulated growth and higher productivity, profitability, and quality of the harvest.

The benefits of Potassium Humate:
1. Addition of organic matter (organic carbon) to deficient soils and increase of soil fertility.
2. Increase vitality and root development.
3. Increase the cation exchange capacity,  improvement of nutrient absorption & enhancement of NPK fertilizers efficiency.
4. Increase of chlorophyll synthesis
5. Improvement of seed germination.
6. Stimulation of beneficial microbial activity & maintains PH of soils.
7. Improves the soil structure and the water retention capacity.
8. It naturally chelates the microelements of alkaline soils and increases its availability for plants
9. Improves crop yield

Dosage is 5-10 grams per litre for foliar application, for soil application, 500 gms for vegetables, 2 kg per acre for paddy /wheat, 4-5 kg per acre for horticulture like apples, pomegranate, papaya, banana, etc. can be given along with urea or dap or vermicompost or soil.

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