Geolife Vigore - Fruit Size Enhancer 10 grams

Brand: Geolife Agritech India Pvt. Ltd.

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Geolife Vigore - Fruit Size Enhancer 10 grams

Quality and Fruit Size Enhancer
Plant Growth Promoter
10 grams box packing
Bio Products


  • Vigore Fruit Size Enhancer is an advance product that helps to increase fruit size, develop uniform color & taste.
  • It enhances the size, quality, fertility & shelf life of fruits.
  • Vigore FSE improves the translocation system inside the plant during the fruit development stage.
  • Fruits attain good colour, taste and good shining in turn giving more profits to farmer.

Dosage : 10grams / acre (for 150-200 litres of water)

Application Method:

Crop Stage Dosage Application
Vegetables & Fruits At fruiting setting stage 10grams / acre Foliar application
After every harvesting or plucking

Manufactured & Dispatched by: Geolife Agritech India Pvt. Ltd.

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