Magic Roots

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Magic Roots

Yield Enhancer
10 grams Box packaging
Bio Product

MAGIC ROOTS is 4th generation master hormone made from speciality medicinal plants'  extracts, using an innovative 4G Nano Technology. It works as a Yield Enhancer 
MAGIC ROOTS and its derivatives are such hormone signals that regulate a wide range of processes in Vegetable & Fruit Crops. It increases the content of chlorophyll, protein, nucleic acid in plant and thus accelerates photosynthesis. It works at cell level to boost up entire plant system for 100% yield potential. Also it revitalizes the plants by regulating and stimulating hormonal system. It strengthens the plant roots as well.


10 grams per acre (2 gm per one spray pump, 5 pumps can be made from 1 packet of MAGIC ROOTS of 10 gm)
 For better results spray it 2-3 times (before flowering, after few days of flowering and before fruit depending upon tolerancy level)
It can be used by mixing with pesticides as well.

Nett. Weight: 10 grams