Chipku Humic Powder Fertilizer 500 grams

Brand: Turning Point Natural Care

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Chipku Humic Powder Fertilizer 500 grams

Bio Fertilizer
500 grams packing
Bio Product

Humic acid is a group of molecules that bind to, and help plant roots receive, water and nutrients. High humic acid levels can dramatically increase yields. Humic acid deficiency can prevent farmers and gardeners from growing crops with optimum nutrition. Conventional wisdom today ignores humic acids, though, holding that it is impossible to grow and maintain an urban landscape such as a park, golf course, or lawn without high-analysis NPK fertilizers.


  • Humic Acid- Super pottatium humate water soluble
  • Organic fertiliser for plant / water soluble / useful for spray & drenching or soil application
  • Good source of Organic Humus recommended in organic farming
  • Enhance root development / Increase stem thickness / Increase nutrient uptake / Increase crop yield
  • Improve soil fertlity & soil structure / Increase water retension / Improve microbial growth
  • Result oriented product

Nett. weight: 500 grams