Phospho Bacteria 1 Kg

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Phospho Bacteria 1 Kg

Bio Fertilizer
1 Kg packing
Bio Product

Phospho Bacteria add nutrients to the soil by nitrogen fixation and by solubilizing both [phosphorus and sulphur. Nitrogen fixation can be achieved by a variety of microorganism including, Azotobacter and Rhizobium.

Suitable for all crops: cereals, vegetables, plantation crops, ornamental plants and even legumes.

Organism & Count: Bacillus megaterium var. phosphaticum 2 × 107 cfu / g

Phosphate solubilising bacteria produce organic acids and enzymes that help in the solubilisation of insoluble phosphates into plant utilizable form. They also produce phytohormones like Indole acetic acid and gibberellins, which promote plant growth and yield. By improving the organic content and microbial population of the soil, Phosphobacteria improves the plant health.

Phosphobacteria is mainly used for direct soil application. It can be used for seed treatment also. Apply in wet soil as basal dose along with organic manure and refresh it periodically along with organic manure. The normal dosage of Phosphobacteria is 20 grams / plant.
Seed treatment: Spray the seeds with a sticky / gummy solution like starch solution or jaggery solution, so that the surface of the seed will be wet. Take  Phosphobacteria in a tray (@ 25 g/1 kg of seeds), add the wet seeds to this and gently mix by rolling the seeds in the powder so that the seeds will be coated uniformly. Dry the seeds in shade for 30 minutes and sow within a day. For seedlings, dip the seedlings in a slurry of  Phosphobacteria (make a 5 - 10% slurry in sticky solution) for 5 - 10 minutes before planting

Soil application @ 8 - 10 kg / ha after mixing with 250 to 375 kg of  Organic Manure. For fruit trees and vines directly apply at root zone early in season @ 50 grams / litre of water.

Root dipping – 1litre or 2 kgs /acre
Soil Application: 2 litres or 4 kgs / acre
Drip Irrigation: 2 litres or 4 kgs/ /acre.

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