Katyayani Rock Phosphate 950 grams

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Katyayani Rock Phosphate 950 grams


  • It also increases carbon accumulation which in turn improves soil quality
  • Rock Phosphate improves electromagnetism in soil. This property is imparted to the soil as a resistance to erosion.
  • Rich source of Nutrients Very helpful in fruiting and flowering plants. Helps in improving the soil structure and water-holding capacity. All natural and organic Phosphorite, phosphate rock, or rock phosphate is a non-detrital sedimentary rock that contains high amounts of phosphate minerals. Additional Benefits Rock Phosphate is a natural source of phosphorus, it avoids the use of inorganic fertilizers
  • It is a blend of rock powders, biostimulants, carbons, and live microbes.

How to Use:       
For ground plants or raised beds start with 1 tablespoon per plant, preferably in its growing stage, and then two tablespoons after 15 days. Or 10 gm per liter of water.

Nett. weight: 950 grams

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