Root Grow SPH - 1 Kg

Brand: Gujarat Greenchem Industries

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Root Grow SPH 1 Kg

A uniform combination of humate, fulvate, minerals, and vitamins. Various field tests, crop cycle tests, and research done to prove the effectiveness of Root Grow.

Soil Benefits:
  • Boost Buffering capacity of soil
  • Essential for healthy soil and effective soil enhancer.
  • Raise Moisture retention capacity
  • Remediates radiation & other toxins in the soil.

Roots & Crop Cycle Benefits:
  • Regulates PH in acidic or alkaline conditions.
  • Triggering rooting results in increased nutrient uptake
  • Increases Microbial and Mycorrizal activity.
  • Accelerate seed germination and increase crop yield.
  • Maximize chelation of plant nutrients.
Recommended Dose:
Foliar Application: 15-25 gram/ 15 litre of Water (Pump)
Drip Irrigation: 500-750 gram Per Acre
Seed Treatment: 15-20 gram / 1 Kg of seed

Composition: Humic Acid, Fulvic acid, Micro Elements & PGR traces.

 Net Content:  1 Kg
Manufactured, Packed & Dispatched By: Gujarat Greenchem Industries

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