ProMessis Nodulator 1 liter

Brand: Aaria Bio-Lifesciences Research Pvt. Ltd.

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ProMessis Nodulator 1 liter

Bio fertilizer

1 liter bottle packing
Bio product

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Nodulator is a liquid biofertilizer for nodulating crops. It contains nitrogen releasing GRAS (generally regarding as safe) soil microbe.


  • Improves yield and quality of the produce.
  • Boosts soil fertility
  • Increases rate of seed germination
  • Fixes atmospheric Nitrogen thus increasing its availability

Recommended for:
Soyabean, groundnut, chick pea, cow-pea, black gram, green gram, fenugreek, guar, all type of cereals, pulses and beans

Application: Soil Drenching/ Through Water lines/ Seed Treatment
Dosage: 1 liter / acre or For Seed Treatment – 250 ml / acre