GLS Hot Favourite 500 ml (Humic Acid + Fulvic Acid)

Brand: Gujarat Life Sciences (P.) Ltd.

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GLS Hot Favourite 500 ml (Humic Acid + Fulvic Acid)

Humic Acid: 12%

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GLS-Hot Favourite is an unique BioStimulant based on bioactive Humic and Fulvic substance in liquid form. It is recommended for soil application for all crops and all soils as well as foliage spray.
GLS-Hot Favourite provides Bioenergy required for crops and has biologically derived nutrients and biostimulant substances.
Active ingredients of GLS-Hot Favourite are Bio-Active Humic Substances and Fulvic Substances of Vermicompost origin, Cytokinines, Auxines, Betains, Gibberlines, Amino Acids, Biologically derived N,P,K and trace elements.
How to use:
For foliar spray: Apply 2-3 ml/ litre of water and spray over the foliage area
For soil Application: 1 litre of GLS-Hot Favourite can be applied through drenching.
Applications & Benefits:

  • Provides Bioenergy
  • Supplies biologically derived major micro nutrients.
  • Provides biostimulants for better growth
  • Imparts drought and frost resistance
  • Imparts better organoleptic properties like aroma, flavour, lustre, taste, look etc.

Nett. Vol.: 500 ml

Manufactured, Packed & Dispatched by: Gujarat Life Sciences (P.) Ltd.