Bhuratan - Humic Acid 1 Kg

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Bhuratan - Humic Acid 1 Kg

Plant Growth Promoter
1 Kg packing
Bio Products


Bhuratan is a unique soil conditioner, a naturally occurring organic substance consisting primarily of humic acid and minor levels of minerals, gypsum and clay. The molecular structure provides numerous benefits to the crop. It eases organic material incorporation to the soil, accelerating its decomposition & nutrient utilization and eventually increases the carbon content of the soil. Suitable for all kinds of crops.

Recommended for Cumin, Wheat, Paddy, Cotton, Sugarcane, Groundnut, Pulses, Oil seeds, Flower plants, Cash crop plants, Medicinal plants and various other fruits and vegetables.  It is a 100% water soluble, best for fertigation, drip and foliar spray.

Dosage: 15 grams per 15 liter of water, directly related to the amount of organic matter in the soil, if below 2% apply 5-6 Kg per acre. For long cycle crop repeat dosage.

Bhuratan has excellent beneficial synergy with nutrients and compost, hence mix with Vermicompost/ Bhuratan organic compost. Reduce fertilizer dosages by 30-40%. Stimulates and multiplies soil micro bacteria, enhance decomposition and formation of organic matter in soil. Helps in soil desalination.

  • Increase root mass and brix levels.
  • Increase organic carbon percentage in the soil.
  • Increase water holding capacity of the soils and helps resist drought.
  • Increase irrigation of soil. Membrane permeability, plant respiration, photosynthesis, cell division and enlargement.
  • It enhances vegetative growth.
  • Improves soil humidity, structure and viability.
  • Increase germination of seed and viability.
  • Help in getting more yield of better quality.