Humaur - Bio-Organic Foliar Spray 500 ml

Brand: Hindustan Antibiotics Limited

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Humaur - Bio-Organic Foliar Spray 500 ml

Humaur is beat for overall development of plant. It’s also give best result in all seasons as well as suitable for all type of soils. It contains high amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash as well as other micro nutrient such as Ca, Mg, B, Mn and Fe.

  • It is best for vegetative growth and root development of plants.
  • It enhances the seed germination and flowering process.
  • It increases the resistant power of plants against plant illness.
  • The composition of salts and soil elements improves.
  • Maintains the temperature of the atmosphere and the firmness of exposed parts of plants.

Crops: Wheat, Paddy, Maize, grains, sugarcane, cotton, tomato, chilli, grapes, groundnut, peas, grams, cabbage, cauliflower, safed musli, onion, mango, vegetables, soyabean, brinjal, okra, ornamentals plants, lemon and forest trees.

Method of Application:
4 ml Humaur mix in 1 litre water then spray in plant for 3-4times. It can mix with any fungicides, pesticides  and bactericides.
Repeat Dose Period: Once we cultivate the crop then after 15 days we have to spray this product till the end to crop it.