Mycorrhiza (Mycorrhizal Fungi) 100 grams

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Mycorrhiza (Mycorrhizal Fungi) 100 grams

Mycorrhizal fungi are species of fungi that intimately associate with plant roots forming a symbiotic relationship, with the plant providing sugars for the fungi and the fungi providing nutrients such as phosphorus, to the plants. Mycorrhizal fungi can absorb, accumulate and transport large quantities of phosphate within their hyphae and release to plant cells in root tissue. MYCORRHIZA contains beneficial fungi (VA mycorrhiza) having the ability to associate symbiotically with plant roots, leading to the development of hyphae and helping them to capture essential micronutrients and macronutrients from the soil. Easy to use, easy to transport, 16 months rack life, 10 times more powerful compared to regular powder or liquid, and cost-effective.

Time of Application:
You can apply caps once every month, just make sure that you don’t use any chemical fertilizer or pesticides 7 days before or after using the product.

100 grams per acre

How to Apply:
Add 1 capsule to 1 litre of boiled-cooled water in a bottle, close the cap, shake the bottle well till the capsule gets totally dissolved in water, and leave the solution for 15 minutes. Add this solution to the required quantity of water and spray or drench it directly on the plants or add this solution to PROM, mix well and mix it to the soil or add this solution to 200 litre of water and drip it to plants.

Net weight: 100 grams

Manufactured by: SRT Agro Science Pvt Ltd
Marketed by: Siesto Green

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