Imuen Growth Promoter And Immunity Booster 1 Litre

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Imuen Growth Promoter and Immunity Booster 1 litre


  • Enhance Immunity, Pest repellent, checks flower dropping.
  • Helps to give immediate plant development boost at the time when it matters most in the vegetative stage.
  • Helps to give maximum trace minerals bioavailability through leaf, stem, seed, and root.
  • Reduces immature dropping of flowers, vegetables & fruits. Increases maturity & improves quality.
  • Improves post-harvest storage life of vegetables and fruits.
  • Decrease the pesticide use by 30-40%.
  • Stimulating the root formation and enhancing the absorption of more micronutrients from the soil.
  • Imuen helps the plant to express more flowering and induces more number of fruits.
  • Reducing immature fruit drop and enhancing fruit size and quality.
  • Promoting vegetative growth in plants and thus helping in vegetable plant cultivation.
  • Minimize the use of pesticides & fertilizers by 40%.

Dosage: 2-3ml/ litre.

1st Foliar application before flowering
2nd Foliar application in fruiting stage.

Organic fraction derived from an amino acid, peptide units, cytokinin, and plant-based metabolites - 90% w/w, Emulsifiers & functional media -10% w/w

Net. Vol.: 1 litre

Product Manufactured, Marketed, and Dispatched by: Vanproz Agrovet LLP