Chipku Insect Gum 250 ml + Bags 50

Brand: Turning Point Natural Care

Categories: Insects Traps, Bio Sticky Pad,

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Chipku Insect Gum 250 ml + Bags 50

Chipku Gummy Trap  is special gum bottle along with 40  Yellow & 10 Blue Bags, bottle is with user friendly pump to apply gum on bags this sticky Traps used in agricultural industry for catching Sap feeding insects like Yellow: 1. Whiteflies 2. Thriphs 3 Jassids and Blue : Leafminors & aphids.


  • Water Proof Strong bond sticky trap gum / Handy Pump Bottle
  • Non toxic & enviroment friendly
  • Apply & use as per need
  • Highly recommended for Organic farming
  • Result oriented product