Chipku Blue Sticky Trap A4 (Pack of 50)

Brand: Turning Point Natural Care

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Chipku Blue Sticky Trap A4 200 x 300 mm (Pack of 50) Bothside Release


Chipku Blue Sticky insect traps are made by using natural attraction technique to catch various type of bad bugs, Traps are made with the good quality material.
• Chipku Blue Sticky traps are size available in A4 (200 x 300 mm) pack of 50
• Blue colour is natural attractive colours for small sap feeding insects and they come towards trap to sit over there and due to extreme stickiness of trap they will complete their remaining life on trap.
• Trap field life is up to 12 weeks when we place the traps on the farm & garden.
• Chipku Blue Sticky traps are nontoxic, long lasting, whether proof and No harm to nature.

How It Works:

  • Chipku Blue Sticky traps are attractive for Sap feeding insects like Thrips, aphids, leafminor, jassids, fungus gnats etc.
  • Insects are attracting and try to sit on the trap and due to gum stickiness they will stuck lifetime on trap.
  • In the morning or evening insects are more attract towards trap.


  • Cost Effective / User Friendly
  • Attract Targeted pest only / Non toxic
  • Weather Proof / long Lasting
  • Decrease insecticide use so recommended for organic farming
  • Up to 100 + days field life
  • Result oriented product
  • Leak Proof & Strong Design Sticky Trap