Chipku Diamond Black Moth Lure (Pack of 10)

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Chipku Diamond Black Moth Lure (Pack of 10)

Diamond Black Moth (DBM) / Plutella xylostella

Chipku water Trap / Insect Trap useful to catch (Plutella xylostella) Diamond Black moth, is the natural & cost effective way to catch moth without using an insecticide or harmful chemicals. It is a safe & nature-friendly product The diamondback moth (DBM) is one of the most studied insect pests in the world, yet it is among the 'leaders' of the most difficult pests to control. It was the first crop insect reported to develop resistance to microbial Bacillus thuringiensis insecticides, and has shown resistance to almost every insecticide, including the most recent groups such as diamide. DBM is a highly invasive species P. xylostella is a highly migratory, cosmopolitan species and one of the most important pest of cruciferous crops worldwide. Globally, direct losses and control costs are estimated to be US$ 1 billion. In temperate regions, P. xylostella are unable to overwinter and therefore annual outbreaks are attributed to migration, but in tropical and subtropical regions there can be a large number of continuous generations per year. P. xylostella is considered to be one of the most difficult pests to control and for many years continuous insecticide applications have been the main tool with the result that today this species shows resistance to almost all insecticides, including recently introduced compounds with new modes of action.


  • Cost Effective / User Friendly Application
  • Attract Targeted pest only/Non toxic
  • Weather Proof / long Lasting
  • Decrease insecticide use so recommended for organic farming
  • Up to 45 + days lure field life
  • Result oriented product
  • Leak Proof Pouch Design

Host Crops: cabbage, brocolli, cauliflower Targeted pest Diamond Black moth (DBM) (Plutella xylostella)

Field life of lure: 60 days from date of installation

Expiry date:1 year from date of manufacturing