Spraywell Battery Sprayer (12x12) 16 litre

Brand: Spraywell Agro Equipments

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Spraywell Battery Sprayer (12x12) 16 litre

1. Tank: 16 litre
2. Pump: "Spraywell" 4 LPM
3. Pressure: 110 psi
4. Battery: "Spraywell"12 VLT 12 Ah
5. Charger: 1.0 A, Auto Cut Off
6. Lance: Steel Lance with Plastic Connector
7. Nozzle: 8hole, 4hole, 2 hole & Fan Nozzle.

Warranty Terms and Conditions: 6 Months warranty on Battery

Manufactured, Marketed, and Dispatched by: Spraywell Agro Equipments