Balwaan Krishi Battery Sprayer (12x12)

Brand: Modish Tractor Aur Kisan Pvt Ltd (Balwaan)

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Balwaan Krishi Battery Sprayer (12x12)

12*12 battery operated, 18 Lt tank capacity, Tested sprayer by Government institutes, comes with 4 type nozzles, 6 months Warranty,    red in colour. 3.6 Liter per minute discharge motor, 12 ampere 12 Volt dry lead acid heavy battery.  Can be usedfor 35 tanks in one full charge.Extendable lance. extra padded cushioned belt form comfort hanging. portable and very durable. all spare parts and after sale service available.

In box accessories:          Operational Manual ,Fawara Set ( Nozzle ), Tool kit , washer , Belt Huk, Lance

Warranty Terms and Conditions:  6 Months

Manufacturer: Modish Tractor Aur Kisan Pvt Ltd

Delivered by:     Modish Tractor Aur Kisan Pvt Ltd

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