Battery Sprayer 12V-12AMP 16L

Brand: Drashti International

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Battery Sprayer 12V-12AMP 16L


•    Battery :- 12 V - 12 AMP
•    Motor 80 and 100 psi auto cutoff
•    Lance steel extend-able with brass connector
•    Plastic material high quality.
•    Heavy duty poly piston.
•    Tigger type : on-off brass lock
•    Three nozzles.
•    In line filter to prevent nozzle clogging.
•    Connector for Indian nozzle using purpose.
•    Wide carry straps for easier and more comfortable carrying.
•    Best price, best service after sales.
•   Tank Capacity: 16L
•    Packaging Details: 1box 1pc and 3box 1 big box

Guarantee/ Warranty:
Only Battery has 6 month limited warranty.
(Charger, Pump-Motor, Switch, Body or any other part DO NOT HAVE ANY WARRANTY, Any breakage due to rough handling is not covered in guarantee/warranty)
Any type of damages is not covered in the guarantee/ warranty.


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