PerfoSil 1 Litre - S Amit Chemicals (AGREO)

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PerfoSil 1 Litre - S Amit Chemicals (AGREO)

Silica OSA-based Nutrient Plant Immunity & Yield Booster

PerfoSil is an Ecocert-certified Plant Immunity & Yield Booster, based on bio-available Monomeric silica (ortho-silicic acid-OSA), which helps plants to withstand biotic & abiotic stress, builds up its immune system & enhances nutrient uptake. PerfoSil has proven efficacy as an Immunity & Yield Booster of plants in crops like fruits, vegetables, flowers, cereals, pulses, legumes, cotton, sugarcane, tea etc., both in green house & open field cultivations.

Technical Content: Monomeric Silica - 3%, Sorbitol – 15%, Demineralized Water – 82%, Other Fortifications

Mode of Action:
✓ After foliar spray, PerfoSil facilitates the uptake & transport of water & nutrients in required proportion to all parts of the plant.
✓ It also reduces transpiration through the thick leaf & optimizes water management in the plant.
✓ It accumulates in the cuticle & epidermis of leaf, thus increasing natural resistance against insects. The jaws of sucking mites/insects get damaged due to thick tissues & hence they cannot chew/bite the leaves.

Method of Application & Dosage:
a. Seed Dip Treatment – PerfoSil 1 ml / 1 lit for 30 min, Remove, Shake dry & Sow
b. Sapling Dip Treatment – PerfoSil 1 ml / 1 lit – Dip roots, remove, shake & transplant
c. Foliar Spray: PerfoSil 1 ml / 1 lit d. Drip Systems: PerfoSil 1ml / 1 lit, give half an hour before stopping the drip cycle

1. Activates plant pathways to stimulate growth & Self Acquired Resistance (SAR) against fungi & bacteria
2. Builds tolerance to biotic & abiotic stress
3. Improves drought resistance by reducing water requirement up to 40%
4. Improves uptake of minerals especially Phosphorus.
5. Mitigates toxicity of Mn, Cu, Co, Fe, Al & Ca
6. Enhances quality & quantity of produce up to 25%

✓ National Research Centre for Grapes (NRCG), Pune
✓ Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli
✓ Selling Permission from Krishi Ayuktalay, Maharashtra-Pune
✓ Ecocert NPOP for India
✓ COR Regime
✓ Ecocert NOP for US

Compatibility: It is compatible with commonly used plant nutrition & plant protection products.

Caution: Do not mix with acidic water or acidic product, else it will polymerize. Do not keep in open & in sunlight.

Warranty: Since use of the product is beyond our control, we are not responsible and will not accept any liability, claims or losses caused whatsoever, except the quality of the product.

OSA Stability
Monomeric silica is stable only at high ph, hence we do not find Monomeric silica in nature MS instantly polymerises at even ph of 7 when it come to contact with CO2 in the atmosphere. Most of the formulations of OSA available in the world are acidic in nature & hence they tend to polymerise fast. Or shelf life is very low.

PerfoSil OSA is stabilized at highly alkaline ph, hence stable upto 4 years. Hence we are able to give higher Monomeric silica content upto 3% as compared to competition which gives up to 0.8 to 1% Tried and tested in various countries, Kenya, Sri Lanka, India, Iran, Costa Rica, Canada, US & Latin America, Ghana