Compost Testing Kit 100 Tests

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Compost Testing Kit 100 Tests


  • Aerobic composting process involves the oxidation of relatively complex organic compounds by microorganisms, resulting in simpler organic compounds than originally present. The compost produced has many chemical and physical characteristics that allow it to be used in different ways.
  • Compost testing is important for characterizing the beneficial physical and chemical properties of compost, as well as, for identifying potential problems with compost use.
  • The chemical and physical characteristics of compost depend on the kind of material originally used. Consequently, characteristics of compost can vary greatly. Testing of parameters like “CO2 evolution” , “Ammonia evolution” and “Volatile Organic Acids” can give an idea of tha stability and maturity of compost.
  • pH value gives an idea about the acidity or basicity of the compost, while Electrical Conductivity is the measure of soluble salts.

pH, CO2 evolution, Volatile Organic Acids, Ammonia evolution and Electrical Conductivity comes equipped with all reagents, glassware and other accessories for 10 or 100 tests.

Features of the Kit:
  • Compost & Mobile
  • User Friendly
  • Reliable & Accurate
  • Instant Results