Amul Shakti Cattle Feed 50 Kg (Tamilnadu)

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Amul Shakti BIS TYPE-II Cattle Feed 50 Kg (Ex-Factory Erode SKM, Tamilnadu)


Specially Formulated With Most Relished Local Ingredients.

  • Total digestible nutrients (T.D.N) is more than 70%
  • Cattle feed with 20% protein (11-12% By Pass Protein) and 3.5% fat
  • Contains source that releases nitrogen slowly in rumen
  • Included Ayurvedic supplements to improve appetite and increase milk production
  • Added with "Yeast Culture" to stabilize the rumen ecosystem.
  • Best cattle feed for cows/buffalos having milk production up to 15 litres.

  • Cow - 1.2 Kg for body maintenance and 400 grams for each litre of milk produced.
  • Buffalo - 1.5 Kg for body maintenance and 500 grams for each litre of milk produced
  • Or as per advice of Veterinarian/Animal Nutritionist

Packaging: 50 Kg HOPE Bag


This rate is the Ex-factory of Erode SKM (Tamilnadu). The loading, unloading and transportation charges will be extra and to be paid by customer before final dispatch.