Prime UAV Drone Sprayer without Sensor - 10 kg

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Prime UAV Drone Sprayer without Sensor - 10 kg

  1. Fully Autonomous
  2. Spray volume control by Radio
  3. Hexacopter structure for more stable flying
  4. Foldable Structure with arm lock for safety in transportation
  5. 10L tank capacity
  6. Return to Home (RTH) option
  7. GPS based system
  8. Ground Control Station
  9. Water proof sealed body
  10. Propeller lock

Technical Details:

Motor ESC Integrated motor
Material Carbon Fibre
Diagonal Wheelbase 1800 mm
Flight Parameters
Total Weight 25 kg(with battery, Full Loaded)
Hovering Time 20 min (with Payload)
Max Speed 8 m/s
Spray System
Liquid Tank Volume 10 L
Number of Nozzle (0ptional) 4
Spraying Span 4-12Feet
Spraying Speed 1-3.5 Litre/Min
Coverage Rate 30 Acre/Day, 4-5 Acre in Single Charge
Capacity 22000 mAh (6S)
Voltage 44.4 V -12S (6S x 2 Nos.)
Type Lithium Polymer
Charging Time 45-50 Min.
Dual Power 1080 Watt

Product Box Includes:

1× Set of Li-Po Battery (2 batteries of 22000mAh)
1× Li-Po battery Dual Power Charger
1× 10 litre Agriculture Drone Kit
​1 × Android app with secured log in
1 × Telemetry Radio with Inbuilt Display

You can buy an additional 22000 mah battery at Rs. 37500.
You can buy an additional One set of 22000 mah battery at Rs. 72000.


Guarantee/ warranty:
Warranty is applicable to manufacturing defects only. Also, the battery comes under consumable items so no warranty is applicable on that.

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