MEVA Electric Vehicle with 3 Attachments

Brand: Vyanth Farm Equipments Pvt Ltd

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MEVA Electric Vehicle + Mini Tiller Attachment + Sprayer Attachment + Trailer

MEVA is a multi-purpose, electric, agriculture vehicle. It is operated using our mobile phone and a special mobile app (No need for wifi or network connectivity).
It has an attachment unit at the back. Various types of implements can be fitted to MEVA making it a multi-purpose vehicle.
MEVA Vehicle Features:
  • Vehicle runs on Lithium batteries.
  • Operated using the mobile app (No need for network connectivity).
  • High torque BLDC twin BLDC motors
  • 4-wheel drive
  • Heavy-duty agriculture tyres.
  • Many implements can be fitted to the Attachment unit
  • 2 to 4 hours of operation per full charge depending on the attachment being used
MEVA Vehicle Specifications:
  • Rated power: 1 KW
  • Max torque: 110 NM
  • Top speed: 5 Km/Hr
  • Width: 2 feet
  • Ground clearance: 275 mm
  • Battery-rated voltage: 48V
  • Battery capacity: 1.2 KWHr
  • No. of batteries provided: 2
  • Mobile phone operating range: 100 Meters
  • Attachment unit travel length: 300 mm
  • Attachment unit lifting capacity: 600 Kg
Mini-tiller Specifications:
  • Width: 1 feet 10 inches
  • Motor capacity: 1 KW
  • Maximum depth: 2 inch

Sprayer Attachment Specifications:
  • No. of nozzles: 4
  • Maximum height: 6 feet
  • Maximum width: 3 feet on either side
  • Tank capacity: 100 lit
  • Flow rate: 9 LPM x 2

Trailer attachment specifications:
  • Load capacity: 200 Kg
  • Width: 2 Kg

  • 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects
  • 1 year warranty on the motor
  • 2 years warranty on battery

Note for customers:
After receiving the parcel, read the manual thoroughly, and contact us so we will arrange a technical call for you. 

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