Maajee Animal Nutrition & Feed Supplement Minerals Mixture 25 Kg (Buy2Get1Free)

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Maajee Animal Nutrition & Feed Supplement Minerals Mixture 25 Kg

It improves animal Milk Yield, Milk Fat & SNF Content (For All Animals) to Solve Gas Problems.


  • Immunity Booster, Toxin Binder, and Strength and Weight gainer 
  • Improvement in Milk Yield, Milk Fat & SNF Content (For All Animals) Made with 62 Trace Minerals
  • STRENGTHEN YOUR PET’S IMMUNE SYSTEM: If your pets are struggling with a weak immune systems and invading parasites, this feed supplement mineral mixture is here for them. Promote a strong immune system, make them feel strong and livelier than ever!
  • For All Breeds & Sizes: This Minerals powder is ideal for pets of all types and ages. Perfect for both large and small dog breeds. A must-have for all pet owners, dog clinics, veterinarians, animal shelters, and your home.
  • Alleviate Pains & Eliminate Toxins: Combining pure Trace Minerals and Minerals powder is safe for everyday use. Eliminate internal parasites, fluids, gases, allergens, toxins, and heavy metals. 
  • MAAJEE Minerals feed supplement having many trace elements for all animal kinds which benefits all kind of animals by contributing the long live, growth, Energy & Strength.
  • MAAJEE Minerals Mixture helps Animals to keep their metabolism system in a well-working condition and prepare them for high yield in terms of Milk qty for Cow, Buffalo, Sheep & Goat When it comes to dogs, cats, Horse, Rabbit, and other All Animals.
  • It Detox Relieves Arthritis, Diarrhoea, etc | Cleanses Toxins, Parasites, Bacteria | Supports Digestive and Immune System.

Feeding Direction:
Cow and Buffalos: 
200 grams per day to be mixed in the feed (Morning 100 grams and Evening 100 grams)
Calf: Morning 50 grams and evening 50 grams
Sheep and Goat: 50 grams per day to mix in the feed
Note: Excess amount will not harm because it is 100% natural and free from chemicals.

Nett. weight: 25 Kg

Produced and Marketed by: Global Earths