Garud Premium Garden Hose Water Pipe (0.5inch, 15m)

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GarudTM  Premium Heavy Duty Garden Hose Water Pipe (0.5", 15m, 50 Ft)


  1. Internal Dia = 0.5”, Length = 15M, Weight = 2.50 Kgs
    best suited for all your domestic needs in a small area.
  2. Phthalate FREE
    No Harmful Chemicals, Free from toxic plasticizers to keep you and your family safe, now & forever.
  3. Flexible & Practically Kink Resistant
    to make it easy to move it anywhere in your garden without water flow getting obstructed.
  4. -220C to 800C Working Temperature Range
    even if water freezes inside it, it won’t burst or break
  5. Crackproof in Foggy & Winter Conditions
    so that you can use it Early on any Winter morning and prepare your car for Saturday Vacation.
  6. Light & Strong Garden Hose
    because in summers kids have many more uses of the garden hose rather than for gardening
  7. Attractive Beautiful Colour
    When taking a selfie with flowers no need to hide your garden hose. Show it off with pride. Do forward us a selfie.
  8. High Wall Thickness & Sturdy Feel
    You will feel the difference of quality, the moment you will hold it in your hands. 
    And once you do so, remember to tell us if it exceeded your expectations.
  9. Virgin Plastic, Long Working Life
    When purity is committed, longevity is an automatic assurance.
  10. Durable Material
    to give full value to your money
  11. FREE Garud Pipe Kit
    to enhance the usability and productivity of Your Garud PREMIUM Hose many times.
  12. Beware of Duplicates
    because no one should get an opportunity to deceive you.
Technical Specifications:
Internal Diameter 13mm (approx. 1/2 Inches)
Length 15 Meters (approx. 50 ft)
Weight 2.50 Kgs (approx)
Outer Diameter 17 mm
Material PVC
Flexibility Yes
Type Garden Hose
Pressure Rating -
Phthalate Free Yes
Colour Light Blue
Transparency No, Opaque
Intended Use Gardening
General Hose Maintenance Tips:
There are some really simple ways you can keep your garden hose in great condition all year long. Below we discuss some of the top tips for garden hose care below.
  • Don't let water build up in the hose: Leaving water in the hose can cause problems with unwanted bacteria in the interior funnel of the hose. This can cause issues with degradation to the inner tube, so after every use, drain out all the excess water before putting the hose away. This is why you should always let the hosepipe dry whenever you use it. Water pressure can build up if there's excess water which can lead to a burst hosepipe. Turn the water off at the spigot and allow the hose to drain. Angle the garden hose downwards so any excess water can drain out easily.
  • Be mindful of colder conditions: Water expands when it freezes, which means if you leave water in the hose in winter, the water can freeze, expand, and cause cracks and holes to appear in the lining. Caring for your hose in winter mainly consists of proper storage, and avoiding exposing it to freezing temperatures which could affect the hosepipe material
  • Avoid direct sunlight: In the summer months, be mindful to clear the hose of any excess water after each use. In the summer, leftover water can heat up if exposed to the sun's rays, which can harm the rubber. Direct sunshine can damage, crack or rupture the exterior layer of the hose. Water left inside the tube can also heat up and potentially damage the inner lining. UV rays, over time can also damage the outer hose lining, so try to store your hose out of direct sunlight. If this is unavoidable, use a hosepipe cover.
  • Don't use the hosepipe nozzle as a handle: Manoeuvring your hose using the nozzle can damage the nozzle connection, causing leaks. Dragging your hose along in this manner won't do the connecting parts any good, so it's always worth moving the hose when it is still coiled up, if possible.
  • Store your hose away properly after use: Avoid leaving your hose in a mangled mess on the lawn after using it. This can create kinks in the hose lining, that can eventually lead to cracks and tears. Proper storage options such as a hose reel keep your hose in good condition all year round while keeping it safe and out of the way, where it can not only be exposed to harsher weather conditions but can be a trip hazard too!

  • Its quality suggests that the garden hose is free from harmful chemicals and poses least or no harm to your health, your family and nature in larger perspective.
  • Garden Hose may not be used for medical or kitchen use.
  • Garud Garden Hose is made for gardening use. Usage of garden hose for any purpose other than gardening is at the risk of the user. Arnav Udyog is not liable to pay any damages for any loss arising out of use other than the intended use.
  • Garud Garden Pipe is not a pressure pipe and should thus not be used with high-pressure motors and pumps.
  • Garud PREMIUM Garden Hose is made on machines that also produce Garud Garden Hose. The Garud PREMIUM Garden Hose may contain traces of phthalates.

Guarantee/ Warranty: 2 years warranty

Product Manufactured, Marketed, and Dispatched by: Garud Pipes