AgriLife BioKit

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AgriLife BioKit

Agrilife BioKit is an organic solution for home gardens. It is a all purpose kit.

Key Ingredients:
  • Nutrients and benefical soil inoculants
  • Oxygen liberating substance
  • Seaweed derivatives, Humic and Fulvic substance and Vitamins for the growth of the roots.
  • Active neem extract
  • Contains spores, mycelia fragments and vegetative cells of the microbial consortia
  • Pongamia extract

  • Helps to flourish organic garden.
  • Preserves your health by providing residue free fruits, vegetables and flowers.
  • It gives real taste of fruits and vegetables direct from garden.
  • Sustainble way of gardening helps preserve the health and fertility of garden.

How it works:
  • Unique health restorer
  • Improves root respiration
  • Stimulates rooting of the plants
  • Protection from caterpillar
  • Protection from leaf spots and fungal diseases.
  • Protection from sucking insects