Onion Research Rudraksh Glory 500 grams

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Onion Research Rudraksh Glory 500 grams

  • Maturity: 110 days
  • Diameter: 7*8cm
  • Flowers: set
  • Plant power: Strong
  • Color: Red
  • Bulb weight: Medium size, 170 to 220 grams
  • Red onion for the rainy season. Recommended sowing dates are at the beginning of the rainy season or in the month of May. The plants have excellent stem development with an average of 12-14 leaves. Onions for short days.
Main field preparation:
1-2 harrowing followed by deep plowing. Apply well-decomposed farm manure @ 7-8 t/acre and mix well in the soil. Apply basal dose of fertilizer at the time of transplant, irrigate the area, and transplant the seedlings.
Chemical Fertilizers: Fertilizer requirement varies with soil fertility
 Apply Basal Dose at Planting: 30:30:30 NPK kg/acre
Apply top dressing 20 days after planting: 25:25:25 NPK kg/acre
Apply top dressing 45-50 days after planting: 00:00:25 NPK kg/acre
Apply Sulphur (Bensulf) to the soil 40-50 days after transplantation: 10-15 kg/acre
Stop irrigation two weeks before the harvest. Leave the bulb in the field for 5-6 days after harvesting. Cover the bulbs to avoid sun scaling. Remove the roots and neck after proper drying, do not cut the neck close to the bulb.

Net Weight: 500 grams

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