Katyayani Penza - Pendimethalin 30% + Imazethapyr 2% EC 1 Litre

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Katyayani Penza - Pendimethalin 30% + Imazethapyr 2% EC 1 Litre

Introduction Pendimethalin 30% + Imazethapyr 2% EC is a combination product containing 30% Pendimethalin and 2% Imazethapyr as an active ingredients. It is a selective herbicides which controls susceptible annual grasses, sedges and broad leaf weeds and they germinate. It is recommended to use in Soybean. * Caution Toxic to aquatic organisms hence should not be used near water bodies, aquaculture or pisciculture.
Time of Application Incorporate the herbicide in soil before the sowing of crop.
Direction of Use PREPARATION OF SPRAY SOLUTION : Take the measured quantity of Pendimethalin 30%+Imazethapyr 2% EC and add to it, in a small quantity of water. Mix thoroughly and then add the remaining quantity of water while string vigorously. Do not spray tracing the wind. SPRAYING INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Ensure through land preparation. Spray uniformly without overlapping. 2) Do not spray against the wind direction. 3) Clear the sprayer thoroughly before and after use. SPRAYING EQUIPMENT : High volume sprayer like Knapsack sprayer of foot sprayer fitted with flat fan nozzle.
Precautions Avoid contact with skin and inhalation of toxic material. Use protective clothing like gloves, apron, boots, etc. while handling the product. Change out of working clothes and take a bath or shower after handling or applying the product. Launder protective clothing before re-use. Do not contaminate water, food, or feed by storage or disposal. Store in a secure dry, well-ventilated separate room, building or covered area. Keep out of reach of children.
Signs and Symptoms of Poisoning Lethargy, Salivation and respiratory distress may occur.
First Aid Measures Skin contact: Remove contaminated clothing and wash skin thoroughly with soap and water. Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting or give anything by mouth. Get medical attention. Inhalation: Remove a person to fresh air. Not a hazard under normal use condition. Eye contact: Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 5 minutes. Get medical attention if irritation occurs.
Drug Therapy (Anti-Dote) There is no specific antidote. Treat symptomatically.
Storage The packages containing insecticides shall be stored in separate rooms away from the rooms used for other articles, under lock and key. The room for storing shall be well built, well lit, well ventilated and of sufficient dimensions. Store away from the children, domestic animals food and feed articles.
Disposal of Containers To avoid disposal, all attempts should be made to use the product completely in accordance with its registered use. If this is not possible, handle with care and dispose in safe manner. Dispose off packages or surplus materials and washings in a safe manner so as to prevent environment or water pollution. The used packages shall not be left out side to prevent their re-use. The packages should be broken and burried away from habitation or suitably incinerated.
Dosage/Area /Hectare
Recommendations from Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee:
Crop Name Used Against Dosage/ Hectare Dilution in Water (Litre) Waiting period /
PHI between last application & harvest (days)
(English) (Hindi) (English) (Hindi) Formulation (Litre)
सोयबीन Echinocloa crusgalli Digera arvensis Commelina benghalensis, Amaranthus viridis Portulaca oleracea स्वांक,लहसुनिया,कनकौआ,जंगली चौलाई,कुलफा  
2.5-3.0 ltrs

We do not recommend any herbicide/weedicide on any crops.
All herbicide/weedicide have an adverse effect on all crops.
You can use herbicide/weedicide on non-crop areas only.
You can use herbicide/weedicide at your own risk, we are not liable for any damage to crops.
All Herbicides / Weedicides are risky; we DO NOT recommend you to use them on any of your crops. Use it at your own risk after proper consultation. (You can get a consultation in local language from Kisan Call Center: 1800 180 1551)
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