Kisan Raja Samrat 3.0 Mobile Motor Controller

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Kisan Raja Samrat 3.0 Mobile Motor Controller

Kisan Raja's Samrat 3.0 is a GSM based Mobile Motor Controller that enables the farmer to operate their agricultural motor pump set anytime and from anywhere using their mobile or landline phones. A simple User friendly device that is very easy to use and assists the farmers in addressing a number of problems such as water, electricity, money and motor.

Features of 3.0:
1) Protects your motor from High/Low voltage
2) Automatically shuts off the motor if the water in underground is finished and then calls
the farmer to informs the status.
3) Automatically calls the farmer whenever the phase wire (fuse) get cut.
4) Farmer gets calls automatically whenever the power goes and comes.
5) Farmer can operate using Calls, SMS and Mobile application.
6) Upto 4 members can operate this device.
7) Easily controls upto 30HP capacity pumps.
8) DryRun/ WetRun activation can be done.
9) Automatic mode feature is inbuilt. so, no need to use Auto Starters.
10) Timer option can be set.
11) Running of the pump from so and so time can be set.
12) We can easily know the voltage supply.
13) Protects the pump from Power Fluctuations.
14) Saves power consumption and saves water resources.
15) Automatically it informs the farmers, if someone tries to steal the device.
16) Easy installation process.
17) India's Best Mobile Motor Controller

Guarantee / Warranty:
12 months warranty for any manufacturing issues subject to use of product as per the suggested installation guidelines.
Any defects due to improper installation techniques, voltage and load conditions will not be covered.

Due to delay in manufacturing of this device, it will be dispatched late