Vegetable Seeder Faster-3

Brand: Modiant Solutions

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Vegetable Seeder Faster-3


  • Length : 402 mm.
  • Width : 225 mm.
  • Height : 215 mm.
  • Weight : 4.35 kg.
  • Wheelbase : 372 mm.
  • Numbers of seed box : 3
  • Seed box capacity : 50 gms / seedbox.
  • Seed plate hole sizes : 3 mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm.
  • Ideal for : chilly seeds, brinjal seeds, tomato seeds, onion seeds, cabbage seeds, broccoli seeds etc.


  • Heavy duty powder coated metal body

  • High grade vergin plastic wheels and seed boxes.

  • Transplant lid for better visibility of seeds.

  • Proper depth and sprouting of seeds with correct distance between the two rows.

  • Very strong and attractive metal handle

  • Option for different discs for different seeds.


  • Easy to operate and assemble

  • Reduce man power

  • Time saving faster operation

  • Savings of seed and money

  • More uniform planting depth and less scatter because seeds are dropped at shorter distances.

  • Greater crop uniformity, because seed is equal spaced.

  • Better germination ratio

  • Ideal to use as garden / nursery seeder

Guarantee/ Warranty:
6 months warranty from Date of Purchase against any manufacturing defect of Product/Parts.

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