Vardaan 5 Kg

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Vardaan 5 Kg

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Till today single entity of various feed ingredients are being marketed under different brand names for enhancing milk yield and Fat/S.N.F. of Milk. Vardaan is unique blend of herbal cattle feed supplement for enhancing milk yield and for improving quality (Fat & S.N.F.) of milk at a time.
The cost effective, need based, herbal cattle feed supplement enhances milk yield in one lactation by 10 – 20 % in existing livestock irrespective of breed as well as lactation status of cows and buffaloes and also environmental changes.

1. In descript buffaloes, rise in milk yield is by 1-1.5 liter per day per animal whereas in non-descript buffaloes rise in milk yield is by 300 – 500 ml of milk per day per animal.
2. In exotic cows, average growth of 1 – 2 liter milk per day per animal, whereas in indigenous cows, average growth of 750 ml – 1 liter milk per day per animal.
3. The rising trend of Fat/ S.N.F. up to 2% observed in descript/nondescript buffaloes and exotic / indigenous cows.
4. Easy to use.
5. The medicinal plants improve immunity of animal.
6. The probiotic helps to improve bioconversion of feed.
7. The chelated minerals and Di-calcium phosphate replenish deficiency of minerals and calcium / phosphorus respectively.
8. The vitamins and amino acids improve overall health of the animal.

Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai has certified this unique blend of medicinal plants for enhancing milk yield and improving quality of milk in cows and buffaloes. The US and Indian Patent offices have granted patents to this unique herbal feed supplement.

1. Start giving BVG Vardaan to the animals 30 days after delivery until drying.
2. Deworming with application of BVG All Clear is recommended before feeding Vardaan for getting best results. Repeat the dose of All Clear after every 6 months.

30 grams per day per animal (preferably in evening) along with feed concentrate or as per Veterinarian’s recommendation.