Synergy (Lithovit) 500 grams

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Synergy (Lithovit) 500 grams

Bio fertilizer
500 grams packing
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BVG Synergy is a Nano Technology product, an excellent natural source of CO2 , an important factor affecting the crop yield. Synergy is a foliar fertilizer increasing the photosynthesis of plant and supplying them by a number of micro nutrient elements. Boosts availability of CO2 (carbon dioxide) & mineral-nutrients for crops and helps to enhance rate of photosynthesis. However, the essential macro elements N,P,K are contained in trace amounts in Synergy.

1. Increases yield and improves quality and storage properties of the crops especially when plants are suffering under stress situations.
2. Crops can with stand the stress of water for more period . BVG Synergy intensifies growth and green coloration.
3. Enhances plant resistance against drought, frost, insects, pests and fungal infections.
4. Enhances plant Supply with essential micronutrients. BVG Synergy enhances the Ca and Mg bond as chelate complexes leading to their better transport and metabolism rate.
5. Especially the metabolism rate of Magnesium (Mg) in forming Chlorophyll is increased and so also the degree of photosynthesis.

1. This leads to yield increase. Crops can face water shortage better as, with BVG Synergy the plants are able to keep the stomata closed longer in case of water stress.
2. The micronutrients also contained in the product and the trace elements that influence plant physiology, such as manganese, copper, zinc etc., increase the resistance, growth, vitality, yeild and quality of the crops.

Foliar Spray-
1. There are three different times at which BVG Synergy can be applied:
a. At the beginning of foliation
b. At the time of flowering and
c. During the period when the fruit is growing and ripening.
2. BVG Synergy natural CO Organic foliar spray is only for outdoor use. It may be used once or 2 several times, at most every 10-15 days, separately or in combination with other plant protection agents.
3. It can be applied using any commercially available pesticide sprayer.
4. Gives best results when used with BVG Agro Safe.

Spraying  2.5 to 3.0 grams / liter water