Stop Wilt 1Liter

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Stop Wilt 1Liter
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The Vascular Bundle, known as  Xylem & Phloem Tissues get chocked due to Fungus, Bacteria and Nematicide causes death of the plant, call it as a wilting..
Wilt is basically 3 types..
1. Fungal wilt
2. The bacterial wilt
3. Nematicide  wilt 

The Phloem and the Xylem Vessels the Vascular Bundle in Root zone are Choked and when they are choked the moment of food and the moment of raw materials to the leaf stopped.
The maximum wilt as per the prescription is either the bacterial wilt or fungal wilt but the biggest problem that we are facing today is we don’t have fungicide which are phloem friendly and if we give fungicide in root zone of the plant and irrigate the plant the material is not trans located  into the system because of the high Turgor pressure and the breakage due to the wilt
So the prevailing fungicide whether they are copper based and synthetic based they do not play any role in wilt because none of them is Phloem Friendly .None of them can be translocate leaf to the root.

Mode Of Action:-
Any fungicide, bactericide any nematicide which works through the phloem vessels which translocate from the leaf to the place of infection can only controlled wilt, because the xylem pipe are absolutely rotten or chocked.
  • The Medicine enters the plant through the stomata opening and the Trans located into the plant system through the vascular bundles, it enters effected plant cells and controls the pathogen multiplication and clears the vascular bundle especially in root zone.
  • Reduces the multiplication of the pathogen particles through various phases.

  • Spray Immediately after the infection of Wilt & Nematicide, then repeat the spray for every 10 days... for Better results, please spray after irrigation.

  • Spray at every 10-15 Days,

  • 3-5Ml  / Ltr of water.

Application Method:
  • Foliar Spray.

  • Retards the losses that takes place due to Fungus /Bacterial/Nematicide  infection mainly root in system, subsequently improves the  growth of the plant .
  • It immediately stops the multiplication of pathogen, infected  to the healthy plants after one spray.
  • The results are more pronounced on the reproductive stage that is the flowers and the fruits shows  better symptoms of  recovery in comparison to  leaves.
  • Flowers and Fruits very much attractive and Healthy.

  • Astragalus, Shilajit, Lantana, Camera, Datura Metal, Boehara diffuse,Cow Manure,Etc…

  • 1liter