Soil Culture for Seed Treatment 50 ml

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Soil Culture for Seed Treatment 50 ml

Soil Culture Seed is a natural seed treatment solution that provides better germination, profused rooting, and an increase in yield and quality of all types of food grain, oilseeds, and pulses.
Seed treatment of Soil Culture Seed provides a congenial atmosphere to the seeds in the soil. This results in better germination of the treated seeds along with profused rooting. The treated crops have better defense against abiotic stresses. Soil culture seed helps in the overall growth and development of crops thereby increasing their yield and quality. It also helps in reducing the quantity of chemical fertilizers and the cost of cultivation.
How to use:
Treat the seed required for 1 Acre with 50 ml Soil Culture Seed solution. If required, use cold jaggery solution for mixing with Soil Culture Seed before treatment to ensure uniform treatment. Dry the treated seed in the shade before sowing.

Net. Vol.: 50 ml

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