Soil Culture Crop Management Kit

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Soil Culture Crop Management Kit

The cost-effective, reliable, and high-quality soil culture is now available in crop-specific kit form.
The soil culture kit is prepared based on crop-specific plant nutrition and plant protection requirements.
Ideal for balanced crop cultivation, reduction in the use of chemical fertilizers, and decreasing cost of cultivation coupled with balanced plant growth, yield, and quality.
The kits are designed for Grapes, Pomegranate, Papaya, Banana, Orange, Sweet orange, Lemon, all types of vegetables and Cucurbits, Sugarcane, Onion, Ginger, Turmeric, Cotton, Food grains, and all other crops.
Crop Specific 4 bottle kit Per Acre (100 ml x 4 bottles)
1. Major nutrient management (A):  Helps in increasing availability and reducing leaching of major crop nutrients. Increases absorption through plant roots. Reduces the use of chemical fertilizers and helps in reducing the cost of cultivation.
2. Secondary and micronutrient management (B): Increases availability of secondary and micronutrients required for improving the quality of crops. Boosts overall plant growth, color, taste, and weight of the produce.
3. Plant Protection (Biotic and Abiotic) (C):  Protects the crop from various types of soil pests, diseases as well as adverse weather conditions limiting the plant growth and yield. Improves plant’s natural defense against pests, disease, and adverse soil and climatic conditions.
4. Comprehensive plant growth enhancer (D): Promotes growth of roots, shoots, branches, and leaves along with an increase in several flowers, reduces flower drop, improves flower-to-fruit conversion, and increases the number of fruits.
How to use a soil culture kit:

  1. Mix 4 kg jaggery in 200 lit. water in fiber /plastic drum.
  2. Mix the contents of all 4 bottles in the 200-lit. solution and stir well with a wooden stick for 5 minutes.
  3. Cover the drum with wooden planks or cloth for 12 hours (overnight).
  4. Stir the solution again after 12 hours and the solution is now ready for application.
  5. Apply this 200 lit. the solution to 1 Acre of land through the drip system, drenching, flood, or ground spray.
  6. Dip planting material / seedling roots for 5 minutes in this solution before planting. Spread the remaining solution in 1 Acre field.
  7. Do not apply any chemicals 4 days before and after the use of the soil culture kit in soil.
  8. Use a soil culture kit at monthly intervals for better results

Net. Vol.: 100 ml x 4 Bottles

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