Shamrock Omega Gold 500 ml

Brand: Shamrock Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

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Shamrock Omega Gold 500 ml

Humic Acid Mixing 11% 
Amino Fulvic acid 9 %
Plant Growth Promoter
1 Litre Bottle packing
Bio Products


Omega Gold Soluble Liquid is an exclusive Eco friendly Plant Growth Promoter (PGR) developed under latest bio technology research.


  • It stimulates overall growth and induces more flowering.
  • It prevents shedding of buds, flowers and fruits
  • It enlarges fruit size, improves crop quality and increases yield. It also helps plants to fight against viral and fungal diseases.

Humic Acid Mixing - 11% with Amino Fulvic acid - 9 %,
organic Matter - 50%,
Natural derived Product - 30%

Dose: 500 ml to 750 ml in 200 litre of water per acre by drip / spray

Nett. Weight: 500 ml

Manufactured by: Alfa Crop Science Pvt. Ltd.

Imported & Packed By: Shamrock Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

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