Rajjo 200 grams

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Rajjo 200 grams
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Fertility disorders make dairy business unviable, especially animal husbandry. Under these circumstances, cattle feed supplement, Rajjo, which is fortified with chelated minerals, helps in inducing true estrous, developing genital organs(uterus and ovaries) and for getting pregnancy in repeat breeder.

A unique blend of medicinal plants and chelated minerals solves Anestrus (AN), Under Developed Genital Organs (UDO) and Repeat Breeding (RB) cases etc. Fertility Disorders in Cows and Buffaloes.
Bombay Veterinary College Mumbai, one of the oldest veterinary colleges in India, has certified this unique blend for solving fertility disorders like AN, UDO and RB cases in cows and buffaloes.


  • AN cases: Induces true estrous in 90% infertile animals within 8 to 15 days and 58% of the animals confirms their pregnancy.
  • UDO cases: Stimulates growth of genital organs in 89% infertile animals and confirms the pregnancy of 54%. RB cases: 59% of repeat breeders confirm their pregnancy.
  • Wastage of expenditure on unfertile animals is reduced to zero. Profitability of heard is increased.

Rajjo is applied to :
  1. Induce true estrous
  2. Stimulate growth of genital organs
  3. Conceive the repeat breeders.
  4. Deworming with application of BVG All Clear is recommended before feeding BVG Rajjo for getting best results. Repeat the dose of All Clear after every 6 months.

  1. 20 grams per day per animal along with feed concentrate or change the dose as per Veterinarian's recommendation.
  2. For AN and RB cases - 10 to 20 days & For UDO cases 30 to 50 days feeding of BVG Rajjo is required.