Prime Fortisea - Growth Booster 1000 ml

Brand: BioPrime AgriSolutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Prime Fortisea - Growth Booster 1000 ml

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Bioprime’s Prime FortiSea is a formulation of fortified seaweed extracts for faster growth and stress resistance. It promotes vegetative growth, improves crop vigour. It induces white roots with better nutrient absorption.

Humic Acid: 10%
Ligno Sulphnate: 3%
Aqueous Base
: 87%

Application Method: Drip or Foliar

Crops Drip Drench Foliar Spray No. of Application
Vegetables (3 month) 500 ml / Acre 1.5 ml / Liter 1.5 ml / Liter 2 nos.
Vegetables (6 moths) 750 ml / Acre 2 ml / Liter 2 ml / Liter 2 nos.
Orchards 1000-2000 ml / Acre 2 ml / Liter 3-4 ml / Liter 2 nos.
Initial application is necessary. Repeat application if needed.

All vegetables crops, Orchards, Horticulture crops.
Application Guidelines:
Use once in 7 days after transplantation.  For orchards application before flowering starts is recommended.

Prime FortiSea helps to increases greener and healthier foliage.

Storage guidelines:
Keep in cool and dry place away from heat.