Prime Aavirat - Growth Booster 1000 ml

Brand: BioPrime AgriSolutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Prime Aavirat - Growth Booster 1000 ml

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Bioprime’s Prime Aavirat is a bioactive consortium with nano components for active growth and over all development. It Contains nutrients and active growth supplements. Helps to increases germination, strengthens cell wall, enhances root system. Beneficial under conditions of water stress, temperature fluctuations & high biotic stress. Aavirat is environmentally safe, no residue on plants and soil.

Plant Extract: 10%
Essential Minerals and Nutrients: 10%
Seaweed Extract: 5%
Adjuvants: 1%
Aqueous Base: 74%

Application Method: Drip or Foliar

Crops Drip Drench Foliar Spray No. of Application
Vegetables (3 month) 500 ml / Acre 1.5 ml / Liter 1.5 ml / Liter 2 nos.
Vegetables (6 moths) 750 ml / Acre 2 ml / Liter 2 ml / Liter 2 nos.
Orchards 1000-2000 ml / Acre 2 ml / Liter 4-5 ml / Liter 2 nos.
All vegetables crops, Orchards, Horticulture crops.
Application Guidelines:
Use once in 7 days after transplantation.  For orchards application before flowering starts is recommended.
Prime Aavirat helps to increases germination, strengthens cell wall and enhances root system in stressed conditions.

Storage guidelines:
Keep in cool and dry place away from heat.