Prime 7525 - Plant Growth Promoter 5000 ml

Brand: BioPrime AgriSolutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Prime 7525 - Plant Growth Promoter 5000 ml

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Bioprime’s Prime 7525 advanced complex blend of naturally derived essential minerals and nutrients that act as a super charger along with seaweed extracts. It helps in increase of foliage along with inducing more flowering and ultimately fruit conversion.  It helps to get uniform fruit size and weight with uniform harvesting every plucking. 7525 is completely biodegradable and residue free.

Seaweed Extract: 10%
Plant Extracts : 10%
Ligno Sulphonate: 1%
Aqueous Base: 79%

Application Method: Drip or Foliar

Crops Drip Drench Foliar Spray No. of Application
Vegetables (3 month) 500 ml / Acre 1.5 ml / Liter 1.5 ml / Liter 4-5 nos.
Vegetables (6 moths) 750 ml / Acre 2 ml / Liter 2 ml / Liter 5-6 nos.
Orchards 1000-2000 ml / Acre 2 ml / Liter 4-5 ml / Liter 5-6 nos.
Regular application is recommended for healthier foliage and flower inducing. Application every 10-12 days is highly recommended. 

All vegetables crops, Orchards, Horticulture crops.

Application Guidelines:
Use once in 12 days from mid vegetative stage till flowering starts.  

Prime 7525 helps to increase healthy foliage and reduces flower and fruit drop along with increases flowers and fruits.

Storage guidelines:
Keep in cool and dry place away from heat.