Orcon Bactericide / Virucide 100ml

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Orcon 100ml
Bactericide / Virucide
For effective control of Bacterial & Viral Diseases

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Liquid Formulation:
Eugenol 01.00% w/v EC
Potassium salts of Fatty acids 99.00% v/v

Target Diseases:
Tomato Leaf Curl Virus Severe stunting of the plants with downward rolling and crinkling of leaves. The newly emerging leaves exhibit slight yellow colouration and later they also show curling symptoms. The infected plants remain stunted.
Tomato Bacterial Blight Infected leaves show small, brown, water soaked, circular spots surrounded with yellowish halo. Small, water-soaked spots  later become raised and enlarge until they are one-eighth to one-fourth inch in diameter.
Chilli Leaf Curl Virus Upward curling, puckering, and bunching of leaves. The leaves are also reduced in size. Severely affected plants produce fewer, smaller and deformed fruits.
Okra / Bhindi Yellow Vein  Yellow veins enclosing islands of green tissues. Later stages, Bhindi Mosaic Virus the entire leaf turns completely yellow. In extreme cases there is no trace of green colour. At times, enations (raised structures) are observed on the under surface of infected leaf.
Papaya Mosaic Virus The leaves are reduced in size and show blister like patches of dark-green tissue, alternating with yellowish-green lamina. The leaf petiole is reduced in length and the top leaves assume an upright position. The infected plants show a marked reduction in growth.
Beans Yellow Mosaic virus Leaves are severely mottled with alternating light green and dark green patches. Plants are stunted, and fruits are  covered with bumpy protrusions. Severely affected fruit may be almost entirely white.
Pomegranate Bacterial Blight Initially, spots are black and round and surrounded by bacterial ooze. Under favorable conditions, spots enlarge to become raised, dark brown lesions with indefinite margins that cause the fruit to crack. The disease may cause up to 90% yield reduction.
Cucurbits Mosaic Virus Yellowish patches or green and yellow mottling on leaves. Leaves curl downwards and are distorted and reduced in size. Plants are stunted due to a shortening of the internodes (lengths of stem between leaves). Reduction in yields and distorted fruits. In flowers white streaks known as ‘breaks’ appear.

Bio efficacy : UAS, Dharwad
Non toxicity & Biodegradation : National Toxicology Centre, Pune
No Pesticide Residues Analysis : Reliable Analytical Lab., Mumbai
Organic Approval : VOCA (APEDA, Govt of India)

UAS Dharwad study: Orcon sprayed at 1-1.5ml/litre of water applied thrice recorded minimum Aletrnaria Leaf Blight and Tomato Leaf Curl Virus severity and maximum fruit yield.

Dosage : 1-2 ml per litre of water