Nyasta 2G Smart Motor Controller

Brand: Nyasta Gramojvala Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Nyasta Smart 2G Motor Controller


Nyasta 2G Smart Motor Controller device is used for operating the motor remotely through mobile. This device can be used in agricultural farms and the farmer just needs to send an SMS from a mobile to operate it. It can be operated via mobile application as well. This device can be connected along with the starter, and then the farmer can operate from anywhere. This GSM automatic motor starter is manufactured with advanced embedded micro controller technology.

  • It runs motor in different modes.
  • It can be operated through mobile application and SMS.
  • It will send acknowledgment messages for the motor on and off.
  • It will send a power off and power back acknowledgment message when the motor is running.
  • It will send acknowledgment messages when there is a fuse failure.
  • High voltage, Low voltage, and Dry Run detection to safeguard the motor.
  • Identifies issues with the motor or transformer based on the voltage and current data.
  • Transaction history will be shown on the mobile application.
  • Any update to the software will be over the internet.
  • It is suitable for motor pumps up to 20 HP capacity.
  • It saves power consumption and water resources.

Trouble Shooting Guidelines:
The motor cannot be started manually from the starter:
  • Check weather all 3-phase output from the starter is correctly connected to motor.
  • Check whether all the 3-phase main supply is correctly connected to device or not.
  • Check whether power is available in all the 3-phases.
Device unable to receive SMS:
  • Check whether ANTENNA is properly connected.
  • Make a call to the mobile number installed on the device and check whether it is reachable or not.
  • Check the balance of the SIM card inserted in the device for getting the SMS.
If Power LED is not glowing:
  • Check whether 3-phase from the main is correctly connected to the input of the Device.
A motor cannot be started when Device start (green) and stop (red) wires are connected to starter:
  • Check whether the Green wire from NSMM is properly connected to the START button of the starter.
  • Check whether the Red wire from the Device is properly connected with the STOP button of the starter.
If the Device is not reachable:
  • Check whether ANTENNA is properly connected. Place the Antenna where signal quality is good.
  • Check whether SIM card is properly inserted

Device Installation Steps:
  • Step1: Remove the fuses from the starter.
  • Step2: Fix the NSMM device to starter box.
  • Step3: Connect the 3 CT coils (the 3 CT coils with RYB fuse wires) as shown above.
  • Step4: Connect the NSMM device RYB wires to starter RYB wires.
  • Step5: Connect the NSMM device Green wires to Starter ON button.
  • Step 6: Connect the NSMM device Blue wires to Starter OFF button, one blue wire should be connected to OFF button on the left side terminal and another blue wire should be connected to condenser coil of the starter.
  • Step7: Connect the GSM Antenna Properly to the device and place the Antenna at proper height where signal quality is good.
  • Step8: Check the device Battery and CT Coil wire connections.
  • Step9: Check whether the SIM card is properly inserted.
  • Step10: Connect the fuses and wait for 2 minutes to operate the device.
How to Operate the Device:
Send SMS Respond SMS Description
Mode 1: *7,1,30,40,
*Device number, Mode number, Run Time, Idle Time
Motor (Device 7) Started at 2021-12-30 14:00 (mode 1)-- NYASTA Motor will run for 30 minutes and will be in stop mode for 40 minutes.
Mode 2: *7,2,10:30,12:30,
* Device number, Mode number, Start Time, End Time
Motor (Device 7) stated at 2021-12-30 10:30(mode 2)--NYASTA Motor will run from 10:30 to 12:30.
Mode 3 ON: *7,3,ON,
*Device number, Mode number, ON
Mode 3 OFF: *7,3,OFF
*Device number, Mode number, OFF
Motor (Device 7) started at 2021-12-30 14:00 (mode 3)—NYASTA
Motor (Device 7) stopped at 2021-12-30 14:00 (mode 3) –NYASTA
Motor will start
Motor will stop
Mode 3 Runtime: *7,3,ON,30,
*Device number, Mode number, ON, Runtime in minutes
Motor (Device 7) started at 2021-12-30 14:00(mode 3)—NYASTA
Motor (Device 7) stopped at 2021-12-30 (mode 3)—NYASTA
In this mode motor will run 30 minutes and automatically stops after 30 minutes.

Guarantee / Warranty:
12 months warranty for manufacturing issues except for physical damage & short circuit
Any defects due to improper installation techniques, voltage and load conditions will not be covered.