NUTRIVATE Arka Citrus Special

Brand: Greenovate Agrotech Pvt. Ltd.

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NUTRIVATE Arka Citrus Special
1 Kg Box Packaging

Revolutionary crop specific micronutrient technology for Citrus crop (Orange, Lime & Sweet Orange & other citrus group crop) plays important role in fruit development & export orient quality.

Unique Benefits:

  • It is proper combination of mix micronutrients (Zinc, Ferrous, Boron, Manganese,copper, Magnesium, Molybdenum & other according to today’s soil deficiency.
  • Balanced nutrition, quality and resistance to diseases & pests.
  • Induce more flowering & prevent flower drop.
  • NPK use of efficiency improved to tune of 60 to 80%.
  • Take just 24 to 48 hours to be used by the plant.

Foliar Application- 5 Gm/per Ltr water
Soil Application- 3 to 5 kg /acre in spilt application

Nett Weight: 1 Kg