Nutrifeed M.A.P. 12:61:00 1 Kg

Brand: Nutrifeed

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Nutrifeed M.A.P. 12:61:00 1 Kg

A high “Phosphorous” grade with less of Nitrogen i. e.  1:5:0 ratio. High P grade suited for crop establishment and reproductive stages. Facilitates root development and initiation of flowering. Phosphorus is vital in the energy transfer process within plants as well as in other metabolic process. Appropriate for a wide range of crops like Cereal crops, Vegetable crops, Horticultural crops, Pulse crops, Sugar crops, Fibre crops & Oilseed crops

Application Rate: For foliar:  At vegetative growth & before flowering stage @ 5 – 10 gm/ltr. of water for all crops. For fertigation - Use dosages based on results of the soil analysis, crop and its growth stage.

Compatibility- 1. Compatible with Fertilizers- Mix with most of water-soluble fertilizers except calcium containing fertilizers. 2. Compatible with Pesticide- Compatible with most of the pesticides (except herbicide)

Storage : NUTRIFEED 12:61:00 can be stored under closed condition in original container for several years Opened packing should be resealed after the use as the product is Hygroscopic.  

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