NUTRICAP 1 Capsule

Brand: Greenovate Agrotech Pvt. Ltd.

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NUTRICAP 1 Capsule

Box pack of 1 gram in 1 capsule

Nutricap is world first Biocapsule technology enrich with PGPR Bacteria, Rhizobacteria, Azatobacteria & N-Fixture Bacteria which protect plant from soil born diese.

Unique Benefits:
  • Each capsule contain 109 propagule.
  • Enhance seed germination & suppress diseases.
  • Low cost, ecologically safe micro for all agriculture and horticulture crop.
  • Promote crop growth & increase in yield.
  • Long lasting viability up to 2 yrs.
  • Easy to use & handling (Drench, seed treatment & use in compost)
Application Method:
Dissolve 1 NUTRICAP Biocapsule in 100ml sterilized water & apply for seed treatment or dissolve 1 NUTRICAP Biocapsule in 1 liter sterilized water & mix with 50 liter water apply for 1 ton compost.

Nett. Weight: 1 gram in 1 capsule