Mobitech Wireless Motor Controller MCON

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Mobitech Wireless Motor Controller MCON

a. Switch ON and OFF motor remotely through mobile phone.
           1. IVRS
           2. Missed call
           3. SMS
           4. Smart phone application (GPRS)
b. Protection motor from
           1.Electricity imbalance
           2.Low voltage
           3.Phase Reverse
           4.Sudden failure of a phase
           5.Dry run
           6.Over load
c. Administration
          1. MCON can be controlled through 9 mobile numbers.
          2. It responds to registered mobile number only.
          3. A1 user is the super admin
d. Timer
          1. Six types of timers help the user to choose according to their requirements.
e. Features
          1. Smart phone and browser based application
                        1 a. A mobile number can control ‘n’ number of motors.
                        1 b. User can control and monitor all the Motors’s through one application.
                        1 c. User can view
                                    (i) Real time voltage (V)
                                    (ii) Real time current (C)
                                    (iii) Mode of operation
                                    (iv) Log report
                                    (v) Status of motor
                        1 d. User can set
                                    (i) Dry run cut-off current (A) value
                                    (ii) Over load cut - off current (A) value
                                    (iii) New user’s
2. Inbuilt battery
                 a. It helps to intimate the electricity failure message to user.
                 b. It has circuits to charge the battery, low voltage and high voltage cut – off.
3. Suitable motor Starters
                  a. DOL (Direct on line)
                  b. Star Delta (Fully automatic & Semi automatic)
                  c. Drives
4. Wiring Kit
                   a. Flexible wiring kits bridge the motor starter and MCON controller.
                   b. Individual wiring kits for 3 phase inputs, CT coil and motor control.
5. Display
                   a. Controller has high bright display for
                          i). Current (A)
                          ii). Voltage (V)
                          iii). Power Factor
                          iv). Frequency
6. Value added features
               a. Firmware can be update “over the air”
               b. User can use a relay to switch ON and OFF a bulb through timer mode.
(Note: This features isn’t possible to use, while MCON fixed in semi automatic star delta starter ).

Guarantee / Warranty:
1 Year full replacement Guarantee on all Mobitech models.