Mipatex HDPE Vermi Bed 250 GSM 8ft x 4ft x 2ft

Brand: Mipa Industries

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Mipatex HDPE Organic Vermi Compost Maker Bed 250 GSM 8ft x 4ft x 2ft

Mipatex Vermibeds are specially designed for modern advance farming. It is widely used for organic farming, it help farmers make their own organic compost. The Vermi compost made from Vermi bed makes the soil & crop completely free from chemicals and other harmful substances as compared to chemical fertilizers. It also enriches the soil and improves its fertility giving the farmer better yield of crop in a very ecofriendly way.
Made from 100% virgin quality material, waterproof, UV stabilized, puncher resistant, tare resident and durable.

How to Use:

  • After preparing the bed, add Soil as first layer. Add chopped Dry Straw as second layer, it helps to hold moisture & Aeration for Earthworms. Sprinkle some water on Dry straw to maintain moisturize. Make sure the moisture level shall not exceed 40-50%.
  • Add aged cow dung into the bed, Cow dung is food for earthworms. You can sprinkle some water on cow dung if it is dry. Add chopped dry straw. Continue the process until the Vermi Bed completely fills up.
  • Properly distribute Cow dung to maintain uniform load in the Vermi Bed. Sprinkle water on top of Bed, maintain moisture for Earth Worms. Now introduce Earth Worms into the Vermi Bed, Just leave them on the Vermi Bed. Cover the bed, ensure no Direct sunlight hits the bed. Compost takes 60-80 days for preparation.

250 GSM,
Size: 8ft x 4ft x 2ft
Color: Green / White
Expected life: 3 Year