LED Rechargeable Torch - 10W

Brand: Diamond Torch

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LED Rechargeable Torch - 10 WATT



  • Battery : 5000 mAh
  • After getting fully Recharge, it will works continuously 15 hours of light.
  • Led life - 1,00,000 + hours (No need to Replace led Again)
  • Maintenance free dry battery (6months fully replacement guarantee)
  • Charging Period: 8 Hours for Full recharge
  • Battery recycles period - 400 times
  • Self discharge protection period - 3 month
  • Overcharge trickle cut off
  • A heavy duty metallic switch
  • A heavy belt
  • A heavy water resistance body
  • Battery cover for easy battery replacement
  • Inbuilt charging facility


Parts Guarantee:

  • Circuit Guarantee :12 months.
  • Battery Guarantee : 6 months.
    (Farmer has to pay only postal charges upto Vadodara(to & from) in case of repairing)
    (Any breakage due to rough handling is not covered in guarantee)

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