Katyayani N:P:K 00:52:34 - 1 Kg

Brand: Katyayani Organics

Categories: Fertilizers, M.P.K. (Water Soluble),

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Katyayani N:P:K 00:52:34 - 1 Kg

It affects rapid growth in all crops & encourages blooming and root growth. It is important in fruit formation to improve the quality of seeds and fruit. This product is virtually free from chloride, sodium & other harmful materials for crops.
It is a free-flowing, 100% water-soluble product and it is recommended to use for drip fertigation or foliar spray.


  • Crops: All Crops
  • Foliar application: 4-5 grams/ litre of water
  • Fertigation: 1-3 kg/ acre

Net. Weight: 1 Kg

Manufactured, Marketed & Dispatched by: Katyayani Organics